SC Bicycling Lawyer on New Bicycling Parking Ordinance in Charleston

Beginning November 15, 2013, the City of Charleston began enforcing a new bicycle parking ordinance that restricts people from parking and locking their bicycles to street lights or signs, parking meters, trees or other objects on the sidewalk.  The ordinance is meant to make the sidewalks safer for pedestrians by eliminating obstructions, such as bikes.

Recently, over 100 public bike parking spaces as well as bike ‘corrals’ have been installed.  These spaces are meant to promote and encourage bicycling in our city.  However, they may not be benefiting bicycle riders in Charleston just yet but rather frustrating and limiting them because of the new bicycling parking ordinance.

Bike owners violating the ordinance may get the following: a parking citation,  a bike locked by the City, or a confiscated bike.  Police have already been seen around town removing illegally parked bikes.  These bikes violating the ordinance are removed  by force and owners must pay a $45 storage fee to retrieve them.

While I (Kim) am excited to see the new biking spaces in Charleston, it seems like the police could be using their time doing something other than targeting and removing illegally parked bikes.  What do you think?

Make sure you check out this map that shows where it is safe to park your bike before you plan to ride and park in Charleston: http://gis.charleston-sc.gov/interactive/bike/



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