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Ann Groninger Dec 27, 2015

Right now you’re probably spending the holiday with families and friends – perhaps even getting out for a bike ride. But while you’re enjoying those festivities, your rights as a bicyclist in North Carolina are being placed in serious jeopardy. A study committee set up by the General Assembly under House Bill 232 has been […]

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Bruce Hagen Dec 23, 2015

In the above video, a motorist passes a group of bicyclists with just inches to spare. The Georgia bicyclist who is buzzed reacts angrily. Who can blame him? Many of the 10,000 bicyclists who have watched that YouTube video have probably had a similar reaction. But I am happy to report that fellow Georgia Bike Law […]

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Mike Dayton Dec 23, 2015

If you were to name biking advocates, you probably wouldn’t put Charleston bicyclist Richard Moss high on your list. But Richard, pictured here with his wife, is making a difference all the same – one broken bottle at a time. For the past 10 years, Richard has biked to his job as a senior applications analyst […]

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Brendan Kevenides Dec 22, 2015

“Your client has a duty to pay attention to where she is going.”  That was the response we received from an insurance company after its driver doored a woman whom we represented as she rode her bicycle on a residential road in Chicago last summer. The 39 year old business owner, wife and mom sustained […]

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Brendan Kevenides Dec 20, 2015

Chicagoans who work in the loop have been enduring construction on Madison and Washington for the last several months. We’ve seen bus station islands emerge from what was the middle of the street. Now complete, the stations’ roof resembles the rib cage of some prehistoric animal. The glass ceilings lifted with steel rafters make artistic […]

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Cycling Caps e1450360876317
Mike Dayton Dec 17, 2015

As part of a Bike Law cap giveaway for the holidays, Peter posted a fill-in-the-blank statement on Bike Law’s Facebook page. “My local bicycle culture is _________________.”  (And identify your city.) We have been overwhelmed by the responses we received – literally from around the world, including France, Denmark and Canada – and we wanted […]

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Bike crash
Amy Benner Johnson Dec 17, 2015

Here at Bike Law, we have all sorts of riders: racers, commuters, cargo bike aficionados, CX superstars, and some in between. We have folks who are deeply involved in the advocacy scene, serving on walk/bike coalitions for their respective states, and we have folks who organize or participate in racing. All of us enjoy cycling, […]

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Bicycle Accident Lawyer Ann Groninger
Mike Dayton Dec 15, 2015

Legal Help In North Carolina Bicycle Accident Cases North Carolina lawyer and Bike Law founder Ann Groninger’s motivations for focusing her practice on bicycle cases are selfish ones. She rides her bike for transportation and recreation and wants to be able to do it safely. Ann is also an active cyclocross racer. Ann  believes that improving North Carolina […]

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bicycle accident, bike crash, bicycle accident attorney, bicycle accident lawyer, Jan Heine
Mike Dayton Dec 10, 2015

You may not know who Jan Heine is, but as a bicyclist you have probably felt his influence. Those wider road bike tires you now see or ride? Jan often gets credit for that trend. Jan is the editor of Bicycle Quarterly, a magazine that grew out of Jan’s fascination with and research into the […]

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Mike Dayton Dec 09, 2015

When should criminal charges be filed in collisions between cars and bicyclists? Bike Law attorney Peter Wilborn weighed in on that question in a November article in Bethesda Magazine. The article focused on an Aug. 28 bike-car crash that took the life of Bethesda bicyclist Tim Holden. Local law enforcement officials decided not to pursue charges against the motorist who hit Holden. That sparked outrage from Bethesda […]

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Brendan Kevenides Dec 08, 2015

Here’s a tip for any would-be hit and run drivers out there:  Make sure you do not leave your vehicle’s license plate at the scene before you flee.  We will find you. That’s what happened after a husband and wife struck a Chicago bicyclist at the intersection of North Franklin Street and West Hubbard Street. […]

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handbuilt bikes, book, holiday gifts
Mike Dayton Dec 02, 2015

Not sure what to get your cycling friends or family members for the holidays? I’ve compiled a list of 10 gift possibilities. Prices range from a buck to a bundle. Enjoy! Bike songs. Everybody loves music, and it’s a bonus when that catchy tune is all about our favorite sport. While the obvious bike-related choice […]

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