From the Katy Trail to the urban experience, Missouri offers unlimited opportunities for great bicycling. There's a growing understanding among policy makers of the economic benefit that cycling -- in all its forms -- brings to Missouri. There's work to do, but a growing bike advocacy community is doing it.

Representation in Missouri bicycle accident cases

Six years ago, Vance Preman had his bike renaissance.  Inspired by the 2008 MS 150, Vance started biking again and hasn't looked back, completing every ride since.   Welcomed into the cycling community, he devoted his law practice (not to mention his social life) to representing cyclists and cycling causes.

Legal Help For Missouri Cyclists

Vance represents cyclists in Kansas City, St. Louis, Springfield, Jefferson City, and everywhere else in Missouri.

If you have been injured in a Missouri bike accident, by a defective bicycle product, or because of an unsafe road condition and would like to discuss your case with a Missouri bicycle accident attorney who gets cycling, Vance welcomes your call for a free consultation. He can be reached at vance@bikelaw.com and 844-531-7530.

You can also report your crash through our Bike Accident Report Form.

Vance's Legal Background

Vance brings his 37 years of legal experience to the Bike Law Network.  He is a practicing trial attorney since 1977, and a well known mediator (having mediated over 2,700 cases).

Vance is licensed in both Kansas and Missouri. He is AV-rated as a lawyer (the highest rating for professional excellence) and has been selected as a "Super Lawyer" by his peers from 2008 through the present time. He has served as an adjunct law professor in trial practice.

To learn more about Vance check out his site.

Missouri Bike Laws

Vance has written extensively about bicycle laws in Missouri. Among the issues he has addressed:

  • What does Missouri’s safe passing law say?
  • Can you ride your bike on the sidewalks?
  • What are you rights and duties as a bicycle rider?
  • Can you be arrested for bicycling while intoxicated?
  • Does your fixed gear bike have to have a brake,
  • What kind of lights are required under Missouri state law  – and when must they be turned on?
  • Where are cyclists supposed to ride on the road?
  • Can a Missouri bicyclist recover for his injuries even if he is partly at fault in a car-bike collision?
  • When can Missouri bicyclists ride two abreast?
  • Do cyclists have to ride on the road’s shoulder when one is present
  • Can Missouri cyclists signal a right turn with their right arm?

For answers to these questions, please see Vance's post about Bicycle Laws in Missouri.

Vance has also blogged on other topics of interest to Missouri bicyclists:

Read Bob Mionske's interview of Vance.

Passionate Advocate for Missouri Bikers

Vance is an avid cyclist and can be seen sponsoring and participating rides and events throughout the Heart of America, in his tricked-out Sprinter SAG van.

He is on the board of the KC Metro Bike Club and the KANDANGO Ride.  He sponsors the Tour de Brew/Bier and the Tour of Kansas City.  He regularly speaks to clubs and groups about better cycling and the legal aspects of riding.

Vance has chosen to join the Bike Law Network because of its focus on client and cause advocacy.

If you would like Bike Law to come speak to your club or at your shop, please contact us.

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