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Cycling in Virginia stands at a crossroads, literally and figuratively, with two transcontinental bike routes (#76 and #1) intersecting just north of Richmond. New trails, like the Virginia Capital Trail, from Richmond to Williamsburg, are nearing completion and new bike friendly laws are on the books. Yet Virginia remains one of the last states clinging to the antiquated contributory negligence rule and old auto-centric attitudes remain pervasive in state and local governments and the Virginia DOT. The advocacy community is growing in numbers and in influence, and ultimately will prevail.

Representation in Virginia bicycle crash cases

We have two lawyers that cover the state of Virginia.  In Northern Virginia, there's Timmy Finch.

About our Bike Law VA Lawyer, Timmy Finch

Timmy Finch grew up in the DC area and his best job (before joining The Law Office of Peter Wilborn) was his stint as a full-time bike messenger.  He knows the city's streets.

Timmy is a 2009 graduate of the Charleston School of Law. For his first five years of practice, he was a prosecutor focusing on crimes against women.  He has extensive trial experience as a lead attorney and has handled thousands of complex cases of violent crime and sexual assault.

As a cyclist and lawyer, Timmy feels a responsibility to help injured bicyclists. His life long love affair with the bike and sense of justice are what brought him to Bike Law.

Timmy has raced on the road and track. Timmy still uses a track bike (and now cargo bike) to get around.  Riding is his passion and he rides every day.

Learn more about Timmy here.

About our Bike Law VA Lawyer, Tom Bowden

Tom bought his first “ten-speed” (a Raleigh Record) in junior high with car waxing money. For his law school graduation present, he bought a Team Fuji that he later used to solo tour all over Southwest England. He once surprised Constance, (his girlfriend and wife-to-be) by getting up before dawn and riding his Basso from suburban Philadelphia to the Jersey Shore, hoping she would be impressed enough to give him a ride back (she did).

A dedicated bike commuter at various times during his life, these days Tom can often be seen cruising through the historic neighborhoods of his adopted city of Richmond on his vintage Raleigh Sprite. Most days he eschews lycra and clip-in pedals for comfortable loose-fitting street clothes and sensible shoes.

Most recently, through his VBF role, Tom has played a key role in shepherding bike-friendly legislation though the General Assembly, including the Virginia 3 foot passing law.

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If you would like to discuss your case with a Virginia bicycle accident attorney, Tom welcomes your email or call for a free consultation. Contact Timmy at [email protected] (843-416-9060) or Tom at [email protected] (804-310-6260).

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