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Brian Weiss is an accomplished trial lawyer with over 26 years of experience, and he has tried over 40 jury trials. Aside from having been in a bike crash himself, Brian has counseled over 200 people who have been in bike crashes. Brian sees patterns and trends in bike crashes and has taught groups, individuals and even law enforcement officers about how bike crashes occur and how they can be avoided.  Brian uses his experience to help bike riders that he represents and also other attorneys who ask him for legal advice. Brian is well established as a specialist in bike crashes, so Denver media outlets frequently contact him to answer questions and provide insight on matters that relate to bicycling and the law. 

Representation in Colorado Bicycle Crash Cases

Brian also volunteers with bicycle shops and bicycle nonprofits that promote getting folks riding bikes safely.  Brian was President of Team Evergreen Cycling and has been a Board Member with Team Evergreen Cycling for over nine years. (Not only is Team Evergreen Cycling the largest bicycling club in Colorado, it has also donated about Three Million Dollars to local charities.)  Brian has built bikes for kids, packed bicycles for shipment to Africa, and also volunteered at bicycle events and races in Colorado. Since Brian is passionate about protecting the rights of cyclists, he has testified before the Colorado Legislature numerous to promote safety for cyclists.  

On a more personal note, Brian really likes riding bikes.  He has ridden the Triple Bypass 11 times. As a racer, he was mostly a middle of the peloton rider who suffered through a variety of different races.  While he is now an occasional bike racer, he supports local race teams and enjoys group rides in Denver, Evergreen, Lakewood, Grand Junction, Boulder, Fruita, Parker and other parts of Colorado.  

Brian Weiss

Statewide Help For Colorado Cyclists

Colorado bicycle accident lawyer Brian Weiss is licensed to practice law in Georgia and Colorado. He has helped cyclists in Denver, Boulder, Colorado Springs, Aspen, Evergreen, Aurora and other Colorado communities. Brian has represented dozens of cyclists involved in bike accidents, including cyclists in bike-car crashes and those hurt by a defective bicycle product or of an unsafe road condition. Brian is representing the family of a Gunnison cyclist who was killed in 2015 by an unlicensed minor driver.

Brian understands that bicycle crashes can be devastating both from a physical and an emotional standpoint. Many of us ride bicycles as a release from the everyday, for fitness, training, transportation, or just to have fun. When in a bike crash your perspective changes and you may suffer anxiety and fear of doing an activity that you love to do which is getting on a bike and exploring the world around you.

Brian truly cares about people who were hurt in bicycle crashes. For example, after a bicycle crash, the insurance companies and the at fault driver typically want to ignore the person who has been hurt and hope it will simply go away. Brian is there for people to make sure things go right for his clients. While about a dozen of his bicycle crash clients have been professional bicycle racers, the majority are just people who just like to ride bikes. Many of them are like Brian, who like to ride all different kinds of bikes including road, mountain, gravel, hybrid and even e-bikes for exercise and for commuting.  Brian cares about his client, and this care is reflected in reviews from his past clients. Here are a few of those reviews:

Walter Durrer:I was run over on my bike by a careless driver in Fort Collins, and the best decision I made was having Brian Weiss handling my Case. Awesome personality with great ethics and experience, especially with bicycle specific issues. I highly suggest to include Brian in your search to represent your case, I can’t thank him enough for doing mine.”

Mark Steger:Unbelievably, I was left hooked twice in one year by drivers while bike commuting to work. Fortunately, I started working with Brian immediately after the first crash, and he gave me excellent guidance throughout the process. He encouraged me to properly take care of my injuries rather than just live with the pain. Most importantly, he had the knowledge to collect necessary medical files, the confidence to hound the police department for missing documentation, and the expertise to negotiate with the auto insurance companies to arrive at excellent settlements while minimizing the stress to me. Without his guidance, I would never have asked or fought for what I deserved, and I would have wasted countless hours and valuable energy taking care of minutia that Brian and his office skillfully tended to. Additionally, Brian has volunteered his time to give talks on bike safety for my local bike club and broader community, serving the greater cycling community beyond individual cases.”

Brianna Gonzales: “Brian was absolutely fantastic. Juggling the chaos that comes with an accident was overwhelming to say the least. Calling Brian was the best choice I could have made. He immediately referred me to a medical provider so that I could be seen that day. The medical provider was also fantastic – so trust Brian on his referrals!! At the end of it all, I was awarded much more than I was expecting. Despite the aggravation of an accident overall, Brian made my whole experience smooth and stress free! Thank you!!! If you want an attorney that’s in your court – call Brian!!!”

Brett Randell:Brian is an amazing lawyer and human being. After getting car doored on my bike and suffering injuries and surgeries, I sought out Brian for his legal services. He was professional, communicative, kind, and supportive throughout the whole ordeal—and a calming presence. We achieved our desired settlement. Throughout the entire process — Brian was easy to talk to, informative, and an all around great person. I highly recommend him.”

Jesse Martin:We had originally retained a different attorney to represent our case, but they quickly ran up excessive bills with no results. We then switched over to Brian and within a short time he was able to reach satisfactory settlements with multiple insurance companies. Brian truly cared about what was best for us and this showed through his attention to our case and support during the entire process. We really felt like he listened to us.”

Rules of the Road for Colorado Bicyclists

Brian and his law partner have written a book that explains your rights and responsibilities as a Colorado cyclist. The guide covers these topics:

  • Where cyclists must ride on the road.
  • The use of lights.
  • The use of hand signals.
  • The rules on riding two abreast.
  • What to do after a bike accident.
  • The importance of insurance in a bike accident case.

Download and share Brian's PDF: The Rules Of The Road For Colorado Cyclists.

It’s important to know your legal rights (and duties) when bicycling in Colorado. It is especially important after a bicycle accident (we call them bicycle “crashes” and explain why here).

For any questions about the State’s bike laws, or about your rights to the road, contact attorney Brian Weiss directly.

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Report Your Colorado Bike Crash

It only takes a minute to fill out our Bicycle Crash Report Form. If you would like to discuss your case with a Colorado bicycle accident attorney, Brian welcomes your email or call for a free consultation. He can be reached at [email protected] and 303-741-0249.

Colorado Bike Law Speakers

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