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Georgia offers some of the greatest riding in the country, from incredible mountain bike trails in the Chattahoochee National Forest to the Silver Comet Trail that runs all the way to Alabama. The annual Bike Ride Across Georgia is a week-long event that takes cyclists to various points throughout the state. Mountains in the north, long flat stretches along the coast, Georgia has everything a rider could ever want.

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Representation in Georgia bicycle crash cases

If you need legal help for injuries from a Georgia bicycle accident, turn to Bike Law Georgia attorneys Bruce Hagen and Ken Rosskopf. Bruce and Ken are avid bicyclists themselves and are dedicated advocates for Georgia bikers. They've handled hundreds of bike accident cases and actively help bicyclists understand Georgia's bike laws.

Georgia Bike Law Attorney Bruce Hagen: Bruce’s law firm is fully committed to representing bicyclists.  “All of our attorneys and most of the staff are full time riders,” he says.

Georgia Bike Law Lawyer Ken Rosskopf: Ken has been described as the “Dean” of bicycle accident cases in the Atlanta area. Ken has been an active bike advocate at the local and state level, working with local groups on safety, setting up a Bike Share program and volunteering his time to coach kids.

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If you would like to discuss your case with an Georgia bicycle accident attorney, we welcome your email or call for a free consultation. Contact Bruce by email or 404-522-7553, and Ken at 404-522-7553.

We’ve helped hundreds of bicyclists across the state, including riders from these bicycle-friendly communities: Atlanta, Athens, Columbus, Decatur, Macon, Milledgeville, Roswell and Savannah.

Georgia Bike Law Information

Advocacy: Bruce and Ken were instrumental in educating Milton police officers on Georgia bicyclists’ rights and responsibilities. Read Bruce’s blog post about the close call on a Georgia group bike ride that led to that education opportunity.

FAQs: Ken and Bruce recently answered questions cyclists have about bike accidents, including insurance issues and time limits on filing a legal claim. Here’s the link to frequently asked questions about Georgia bike laws.

Legal Blog on Georgia Bike Laws and developments: Bruce regularly blogs on topics of interests to Georgia bikers. Recent posts include How to Enforce the 3 Foot Law?Rogue Riders on Group Rides and The Left Cross: cyclists seen with eyes, but not the brain.

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