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With incredible vistas and miles of little-traveled roadways, Idaho offers cyclists great opportunities to spend saddle time. While state lawmakers are not sensitive to the concept of sharing the road, many citizens are and Idaho does boast the only cyclists can treat a stop sign as a yield sign law in the nation.

Representation In Idaho Bicycle Crash Cases

Kurt Holzer

Twice a masters criterium champion, Kurt Holzer was also the 2011 Idaho Trial Lawyer of the Year.  He is the past President of the Idaho Trial Lawyers Association and currently serves as a Commissioner of the Idaho State Bar.  

As trial counsel, Kurt has obtained numerous jury verdicts in excess of a million dollars. And he boasts an enviable record of success before the Idaho Supreme Court.  He is a 1992 graduate of the S.J. Quinney College of Law at the University of Utah where he was a William H. Leary Scholar and served as Executive Editor of the Utah Law Review. 

Kurt combines creative, hard-nosed, client-focused litigation with a sharp wit, easy smile and quick laugh. 

With incredible vistas, miles of untrafficked roadways, and unique cyclist friendly rules Idaho presents road mountain and gravel riders unmatched opportunities for saddle time. Its capital, Boise, has one of the highest percentages of bike commuters in the country. And Idaho’s stop as a yield law is becoming a model for cycling friendly legislation across the country.

Years of Representing Idaho Bicyclists

Kurt has represented dozens of cyclists for a variety of collision and product liability claims.  Drivers crashing into cyclists, people with unrestrained animals who attacked riders and even dangerous riders who hurt others have all been the targets of clients he has helped. He is an avid bicycle racer, cyclo-tourist and bike race announcer.  After competing in it for over a decade, he has been a fixture for the past 10 years in the announcer’s booth at Idaho’s long-running professional National Race Calendar event the Boise Twilight Criterium.

He was a coordinator of citizen efforts to defend and maintain  the “Idaho Stop Law” against special interest efforts to eliminate it at the Idaho State House.   He has also been involved in a number of efforts to get 3-Feet to Pass through the Idaho Legislature and served as an advisor to The Mayor’s office in the adoption of Boise City’s cyclist friendly bike ordinances.

Idaho Bicycle Laws

Right to the Road

  • Idaho bicyclists generally have the same rights, and same duties, as drivers of motor vehicles.


  • Bicycles may only carry the number of persons for which it is designed, except an adult may carry a child in a backpack or sling.
  • Cyclists cannot hang onto or attach themselves to vehicles or ride so close as to present a danger


  • There is no requirement for helmets for anyone on a bicycle

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