Utah provides some of the most diverse (and best) cycling in the country -- from the red-rock deserts of St. George and Moab to the mountains of the Wasatch Front. While Salt Lake City and other metropolitan areas have added cycling lanes and trails in recent years, there are still long stretches that do not provide safe passage for cyclists.

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Representation in Utah bicycle injury cases

Utah lawyer Jackie Carmichael is a partner in the law firm Eisenberg, Gilchrist & Cutt.  She has been practicing law since 1993.  As a personal injury attorney, she is proud to have the unique opportunity to help those who have been injured by the negligence of others, and is very passionate about representing cyclists.  She has represented cyclists injured in bicycle accidents in Salt Lake City, Moab, Provo, Ogden and Park City.

Read her overview of Utah Cycling and Utah Bicycle Laws.

Jackie leads an active lifestyle, as an accomplished scuba diver and cyclist, often riding her bicycle with her husband, to whom she gives credit for her passion for cycling.  She loves to ride Emigration Canyon and is training for the LOTOJA bicycle race as a member of an all-women’s relay team.

Read Bob Mionske’s interview of her.

Jackie has chosen to join the Bike Law network because of its focus on client and cause advocacy.  As a cyclist, she is particularly motivated to assist other cyclists, and has dealt with cases involving bicycle accidents, auto accidents, defective products and medical malpractice.  Her firm not only represents Utah cyclists, they also has a long-standing commitment to the bicycle advocacy movement in the state.

If you have been injured in a Utah bike accident, by a defective bicycle product, or because of an unsafe road condition and would like to discuss your case with a Utah bicycle accident attorney who gets cycling, Jackie welcomes your call for a free consultation. She can be reached at jackie@bikelaw.com and 844-531-7530.

If you would like Bike Law to come speak to your club or at your shop, please contact our Director of Outreach Lauren Wilborn at lauren@bikelaw.com.

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Jun 06, 2014

Utah has 16 bicycle safety laws that are codified at Utah Code Section 41-6a-10 et seq. First and foremost, cyclists need to understand that their bicycles are considered “vehicles” under the law and cyclists are subject to the same laws as an operator of any other vehicle. Specifically, cyclists are required to obey all traffic […]

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Jun 05, 2014

As a bicycle accident lawyer in Salt Lake City, I am happy to report that the State of Utah, and the metropolitan area of Salt Lake City in particular, has made an enormous effort to create a community that is bicycle-friendly and that provides the necessary infrastructure to support city-wide cycling as a way to […]

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