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Bike Law Aug 19, 2014

From Bike Law Jackie: During the past 4 days, I have had the unique opportunity to share Utah’s amazing cycling venues and cycling community with North Carolina attorney and co-founder of Bike Law, Ann Groninger. During our whirlwind 4-day cycling fest, Ann and I were excited to share the Bike Law message with key people […]

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Peter Wilborn Jun 06, 2014

Utah has 16 bicycle safety laws that are codified at Utah Code Section 41-6a-10 et seq. First and foremost, cyclists need to understand that their bicycles are considered “vehicles” under the law and cyclists are subject to the same laws as an operator of any other vehicle. Specifically, cyclists are required to obey all traffic […]

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Peter Wilborn Jun 05, 2014

As a bicycle accident lawyer in Salt Lake City, I am happy to report that the State of Utah, and the metropolitan area of Salt Lake City in particular, has made an enormous effort to create a community that is bicycle-friendly and that provides the necessary infrastructure to support city-wide cycling as a way to […]

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Peter Wilborn Apr 28, 2014

Gone, finally, is the snow, sleet and rain of Utah winters, and in its place, we have our beautiful cycling weather just in time for May! Governor Gary Herbert has officially recognized May as “Bike Month” in the State of Utah. In preparation for Bike Month, the 6th Annual Bike Summit took place this past […]

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