What bike lawyers do when they go to a conference.

Bike Law Ann, Charlie, and Jackie take Baltimore by bike.

Whatever kind of bike you ride or surface you ride on, bicycling is a great social activity. So what do a bunch of bicycle lawyers do when they have to meet to discuss bicycle laws around the country and debate the merits of certain types of bicycle infrastructure? We rent bikes and go for a ride, of course!

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Last week, Bike Law’s Charlie Thomas, Ann Groninger, and Jacquelyn Carmichael met at the American Association for Justice’s Annual Convention in Baltimore for the Bicycle Litigation Group. After the meeting, Ann, Charlie, and friends headed to Race Pace Bicycles in Baltimore to rent bikes to experience the city.

We visited Fort McHenry, rode around the inner harbor, up North Charles Street and past the spectacular and historical Mt. Vernon Place United Methodist Church. We ended up at the remarkable (both in offerings and ambiance) restaurant and bar, The Brewer’s Art, where we stopped for refreshments.

Of course we confirmed what we all already knew: riding a bike is a great way to see a city and connect with other people.

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Peter Wilborn Feb 11, 2018

We understand the importance of good Rules of the Road when it comes to protecting cyclists in court. Changing the laws that protect cyclists is one of the most important ways to make the roads safer and promote better biking. And there has been some notable progress in this area over the last 10 years. […]

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