Bike Law Manifesto 02

In the start of this new year we think it’s a good time to go back to our roots, our guiding principles – the Bike Law Manifesto.

Our second principle is a gentle reminder of why we always turn to the bike.

“Nothing else allows us the independence, pleasure, and power to move so far, so fast, with so little effort.”

From the joy of your first journey down the sidewalk without training wheels, to commuting everyday and seeing your city by a different lens, or crushing your two wheel goals for self therapy – the bike enables you to journey further, faster, and with more freedom than anything in this life.

Read our Bike Law Manifesto and sign the pledge if you agree.


Bike Delaware
Peter Wilborn Feb 11, 2018

We understand the importance of good Rules of the Road when it comes to protecting cyclists in court. Changing the laws that protect cyclists is one of the most important ways to make the roads safer and promote better biking. And there has been some notable progress in this area over the last 10 years. […]

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