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Milledgeville, in Baldwin County, is a Bicycle Friendly Community that is situated on the fall line of the Oconee River, with Lake Sinclair four miles to the northeast. The city once served as the capital of Georgia. In honor of its history and architecture, Milledgeville has adopted the motto of “Capitols, Columns & Culture.”

Milledgeville appears ready to add "cycling" to the list of "C"s in its motto. The city's efforts to boost cycling has been assisted by the 7,000-student Georgia College and State University, which in 2015 was named Georgia's 4th Bicycle Friendly University.

Milledgeville population: 19,211 (2014 estimate)

Bicycle Friendly Community: Since 2014, Bronze Level.

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Georgia Bike Law attorneys Ken Rosskopf and Bruce Hagen are avid bicyclists and experienced attorneys. We have earned the recommendation of Georgia Bikes!, a statewide advocacy group.

If you need help with a Milledgeveille bike accident case or have questions about Georgia's bike laws, please contact Ken and Bruce. Simply fill out our Bicycle Accident Report Form or contact us through our email addresses on this page.

Milledgeville Bicycling Resources

Milledgeville bicycling club: The Bicycling Club of Milledgeville has a clear mission: to make “Milledgeville, Georgia and Baldwin County a better and safer place for more people to ride bicycles more often.” The club has a Facebook Group and hosts an annual April Fools Charity Ride and the Red Clay Ramble Gravel Grinder.  The group's website contains weekly ride information as well as posts about seasonal events, news, and advocacy of cycling in the area.

Bike shops we’ve visited: Oconee Outfitters is a great shop with lots of bikes and accessories.

Milledgeville greenways: The Oconee River Greenway  is a paved multi-use path that is used for cycling along the Oconee River Greenway Park and Riverwalk.

Biking information for tourists: includes biking in the downtown area as one of the tourist activities:  “Named a Bicycle Friendly Community in 2014, self-guided bike touring in Milledgeville provides an experience unlike a windshield tour or even a walk. Bicycling allows the visitor to roll through at their speed and spend time at the attractions of their interest. Bike racks are available throughout the downtown, making it easy to park for a coffee break, take a selfie with an 1800’s home or even smell the flowers.”

Bruce’s Comments About Milledgeville

"The city achieved bronze level status from the League of American Bicyclists after local bikers advocated for it and Georgia College committed to making it happen. There are lots of good riding opportunities. The city has a solid community of outside enthusiasts, whether it’s mountain biking, road riding or trail biking. They have Lake Sinclair for water-based activities, and there’s a cool downtown. The city hosted the recent  Bike Summit in November 2015, which was sponsored by Bike Law."

If you would like Bike Law to come speak to your club or at your shop, please contact us.

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