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Brian Weiss represents Bike Law Colorado and his main office is located in downtown Denver not too far from the Denver Bicycle Cafe. Brian commutes often from his home in Lakewood to Downtown Denver and has helped us with must know information about riding around Denver, Colorado.

Denver is called the Mile High City as it has an average elevation of 5,280 feet above sea level.  Despite the elevation, people ride all over the City.  Denver is in the process of improving mobility across the city including the bicycle infrastructure, and groups like Bike Denver, Bicycle Colorado, and the Pedals Project are working with the Mayor’s office to make Denver better for bikes.

Denver boasts about 850 miles of bicycle paths.  The bicycle paths are a great resource to the residents and visitors, but many are in rough shape and need maintenance.  Also noteworthy, Denver also has a very good bike share program called Denver BcycleB.  The Bcycle is great for visitors who do not have a bike with them on their trip to Denver.

Bicycle commuting, as well as road and mountain biking, in the Denver Metro area is booming.  As more people move to Denver, it is expected that bicycling will be even more popular as the weather is great most of the year for short and long rides.

A Snapshot of Riding in Denver

Bicycle Friendly Community Status:

Bike infrastructure: 
Denver has protected bike lanes in place, and plans for more in the future.  Currently, you can ride with protection on streets like 14th St., 15th St., Bannock St., Lawrence St., Arapahoe St.,  and Stout St.  Denver also has a few raised protected lanes like in front of the Denver County Court House. Cyclists also enjoy multi-use trails such as the  Cherry Creek Bike Path, 470 Bike Path, South Platte Bike Path and the Bear Creek Bike Path.

Check out the current state of the cycling infrastructure and future development plans at

If you would like Bike Law to come speak to your club or at your shop, please contact us.

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